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Leavenworth County, Bonner Springs discuss sewers for County Road 2

October 16, 2002

Negotiations between the city of Basehor and Leavenworth County to supply sewers to homeowners south of Kansas Highway 24/40 have stalled.

And now Bonner Springs is considering supplying sewers to those homeowners, county officials said.

"Nobody has said anything," said Joe Daniels, a Leavenworth County commissioner. "It's right where it was (a month ago.)"

In September, city and county officials met to discuss the city adding County Road 2 developments to the its wastewater treatment plant.

According to Basehor regulations, any homes hooked onto the treatment plant that aren't inside the city would pay higher per month fees, approximately 125 percent.

County officials are looking for cheaper rates, Daniels said.

Daniels said county officials have had discussions with Bonner Springs about supplying sewers south of the highway and future talks could occur later this week or next.

"We've only met once," Daniels said. "They said they'll know more for us after Oct. 19."

Should Bonner Springs supply the several hundred homes along County Road 2 with sewers, they would do so without annexing, Daniels said.

County officials have been looking for a sewer supplier for County Road 2 for the past several months; the developments along the road are currently on septic tanks.

Daniels said finding the cheapest price would be the most important factor in finding a new supplier.

"The biggest thing is affordability," he said. "We need to get the best price per month we can to help ease the burden for those people down there."

Basehor Mayor Joseph Scherer said the county's negotiations with Bonner Springs would not change Basehor's stance on sewer charges.

"Our charges to people outside the city were established in 1999," Scherer said. "Those (prices) are what we're sticking by."

Scherer said the City Council was not concerned with losing the homes to Bonner Springs because taking the County Road 2 homes all at once would put more pressure on the treatment plant, which is already in need of expansion.

"We don't feel they understand the impact they're putting on the city," Scherer said.

Daniels said future negotiations between county and Basehor officials will occur once the county has more information from Bonner Springs.

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