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Veteran raises flag in honor 9/11victims

September 11, 2002

Basehor resident Harry Kelley is a World War II veteran and ex-Japanese prisoner of war.

He was held captive for three-and-half years by the Japanese in the Burma Jungle and used for slave labor before being returned home.

He is a member of the Basehor Veterans of Foreign Wars and has battled for the rights of all World War II veterans.

For years, Kelley has flown the American flag and also a POW flag in the front of his home, 1910 N. 155th St.

This year, he purchased a new American flag, which from now on will be flown only on Sept. 11.

"I fly the American flag every day in honor of the men and women who have fought, suffered and perished for this country.

This is the greatest country in the world.

I also fly the black flag in honor of the men and women who were held captive as prisoners of war. They also fought, suffered and perished for this country.

One year ago, on Sept. 11, this country was attacked by terrorist and many innocent people died. I surely hope someday the terrorists will pay dearly for this ungodly deed.

So in their memory, this flag flies here today. It will be held sacred and as long as I am alive this flag will only be flown on Sept. 11."

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