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asehor elects new City Council members

April 2, 2003

The Basehor City Council will undergo a facelift at the end of this month when three new members raise their right hands and swear an oath to the city.

During the general election Tuesday, April 1, Basehor voters elected three candidates -- Iris Dysart, John Bonee and Bill Hooker -- to the City Council.

They will be sworn in during the April 21 City Council meeting.

The new members replace outgoing council members Chris Garcia, Burl Gratny and Joe Odle, the three longest tenured members of the board.

Six candidates sought council positions.

Below is the breakdown of the Tuesday vote, according to results from the Leavenworth County Clerk's Office.

The vote totals are as follows:

  • Iris Dysart, 471 votes or 22.74 percent
  • John Bonee, 402 votes or 19.41 percent
  • Bill Hooker, 336 votes or 16.22 percent
  • Joe Hotujac, 293 votes or 14.14 percent
  • Joe Odle, 286 votes or 13.80 percent
  • Dave Breuer, 276 votes or 13.32 percent

Overall, 737 Basehor residents, or approximatey 46 percent of the 1,575 registered city voters, cast a ballot Tuesday.

The county clerk's office will begin validating the election at 9 a.m., Friday, April 4.

There was little drama involved in the Tuesday election; Dysart and Bonee finished first and second respectively in the Feb. 25 primary election and seemed all but locks to grab two of the positions.

It is the first time that either candidate has been elected to public office.

Dysart, the resident manager of the Hickory Villa senior center, said she expected to win a council position Tuesday. She bolstered her chances by placing fliers at voters' homes.

"I expected it and of course a lot of people in the community I talked to said 'there's no way you're going to lose,'" Dysart said.

"There were people in the community that wanted me and went the extra mile to help me," she added.

Bonee, a residential and commercial developer, said he was less optimistic about his chances.

"I really didn't (expect to win)," Bonee said. "I knew there was a possibility. I thought if I won, I won, if I didn't someone better than me did.

Bonee said he looks forward to "adding what I can to the mix."

Although the first two positions seemed all but sewed up, which candidate would prevail for the third position was anyone's guess.

Odle, the incumbent, finished third in the primary election, narrowly edging out Hooker and Hotujac.

However, both candidates made up ground in the general election, with Hooker eking past Hotujac by 43 votes.

For Hooker, the election is a return to city government. Elected mayor in 2001, Hooker resigned 16 months later citing friction between himself and the City Council.

"I want to be a team member," Hooker said Tuesday night. "Growth is the major thing we need to deal with.

"I want people to know I'm not anti-growth," he said, referring to earlier comments he made on the city's future development. "What has been approved I have no problem with. I just don't think we should go further until we know those subdivisions are selling."

Hooker said he made up ground from the primary by using "low level politics," talking to people, making calls and staying visible.

Basehor-Linwood School Board

Under the no surprise category, two incumbents and two others were elected to the Basehor-Linwood School Board Tuesday.

The four candidates -- current board members Danny Dearinger and Kerry Mueller, and Dayna Miller and Douglas Bittel -- ran unopposed.

The vote totals are as follows:

  • Danny Dearinger, 1,962 votes or 95.47 percent
  • Dayna Miller, 1,751 votes or 95.68 percent
  • Kerry Mueller, 1,780 votes or 95.08 percent
  • Douglas Bittel, 1,743 votes or 96.24 percent.

Some reshuffling among the candidates ensured they would run unopposed.

Dearinger, a member at large, filed for re-election under Nemchik's position and Bittel will now fill Dearinger's old at- large seat.

Miller will replace Kleoppel and Mueller will remain in her current position.

The new members will take office July 1, the beginning of the new fiscal year.

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