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Roundin’ up kindergartners

April 16, 2003

The peculiar occurred Tuesday morning when 27 students-to-be entered Basehor Elementary School for Kindergarten Roundup.

Not one student cried.

"This is unusual that we haven't had anybody cry," Basehor kindergarten teacher Tiffany Johnson said. "Usually we have a few criers, a few who miss their parents."

Kindergarten Roundup is a three- day preview for students entering elementary school next year. It's practiced districtwide at each of the three elementary schools.

Johnson said Kindergarten Roundup offers teachers and administrators a chance to learn students' strengths and weaknesses before the youngsters enter school next fall.

"This way we kind of have an idea of what their needs are," Johnson said. "I think it gives us a good picture of the child and it also helps them get over their nervousness and helps them become more comfortable in their surroundings."

Approximately 56 students participated in the school's Kindergarten Roundup, which ran Tuesday through Thursday.

The children participated in a variety of activities including art, story time and free time, where students can interact with each other, all under the watchful eye of teachers and administrators.

But throughout the day students were also subject to individual screenings, where teachers learned the abilities and needs of each individual student.

School principal Teri Holmes and school counselor Ellen Knight helped screen students throughout the three-day student sneak peek.

"It's a preview," Holmes said. "We're trying to learn about everyone and find out if they are ready and what will be a benefit to them when they enter school."

Administrators handle the screenings so the kindergarten teachers can view students' social interaction, Holmes said.

"We break it up so we all can get a good picture of their abilities," Holmes said. "We need to know what they know already. When we're finished, we'll look for kids who might have trouble."

At the end of Kindergarten Roundup, the teachers and administrators will meet and begin the placement process.

"When we finish, we'll look for equal placement, disperse the students in classes evenly," she added. "That's so we'll have a variety. We'll look at things like gender and abilities."

Glenwood Ridge Elementary School also had Kindergarten Roundup this week. Approximately 39 students attended, a slight increase from last year.

Linwood Elementary School concluded its session in early April. School officials said 23 students attended roundup, also a slight increase from last year.

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