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Letter: Mayor is thankful for volunteers’ service

August 21, 2003

To the editor:

I would like to personally thank Betty Rehm and Lucy Soptic for their many years of service as members of the Bonner Beautiful Commission. Betty has served as its chairperson for many years and has done a tremendous job. Lucy has been there working at all of the commission's many projects. They were loyal and dedicated members and they have made a tremendous contribution to the city of Bonner Springs.

The Bonner Beautiful Commission is not just an administrative board. It is a working body that spends time and energy physically working to improve our community's appearance. They have designed, built, planted and maintained flowerbeds and entrances to our city. Through their tree planting efforts Bonner Springs has been honored as a "Tree City, USA" for a number of years. They have sponsored the annual Arbor Day celebration to create an awareness of the value of trees for our younger generation. They have picked up trash along the roadways and sponsored the citywide cleanup as well as conducting hundreds of projects designed to improve the appearance of our city.

It will be hard to replace Betty and Lucy. It is always difficult to find persons who will give freely of their time simply for the love of their community and Betty and Lucy have worked hard for Bonner Springs. I want to thank them for all that they have done for our city.

I want the residents to know that I strongly recommended to the City Council to waive Resolution 1986-16, which would have allowed Mitch Whisman and Max Burch to continue as members of the Board of Zoning Appeals. Two weeks later would have allowed Lucy and Betty to continue as members of the Bonner Beautiful Commission. Unfortunately as mayor I can only vote in case of a tie and cannot make or second motions. When committees, such as Bonner Beautiful, unanimously recommend waiving of the reappointment rule, I believe that the City Council should listen and act accordingly.

Clausie W. Smith

Mayor, Bonner Springs

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