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Traffic study required of Maples subdivision

December 4, 2003

The question is, can Poplar Street handle the traffic?

That's what members of the Basehor Planning Commission want to know when considering the preliminary plat for the Maples subdivision, a proposed single-family residential development.

On Tuesday, Dec. 2, Planning Commission members voted 4-2 to table action on the preliminary plat for the subdivision until the developers commission a traffic study at the intersection of Poplar and 155th Street. Planning Commission members Rick Hogue and John Matthews voted against tabling the plat.

The Maples subdivision will include approximately 100 single-family homes, developers said. Its borders meet those of the Pin Oak subdivision, located to the west.

With no other viable access into the Maples subdivision, Poplar Street, the residential street servicing Pin Oak, would be used for access into Maples.

Lonnie Philips, developer of the Maples subdivision, told the Planning Commission he is working with Holy Angels Catholic Church to gain an easement for building another access road into his proposed subdivision.

Thus far, an agreement between the two

sides has not been reached.

Residents of Pin Oak, and other nearby property owners, said using Poplar Street as access road into Maples is not an attractive option to them.

"Isn't that common sense? You should have two entrances into a subdivision of that size," said Michael Felich, a Maples opponent.

Following the meeting, Felich criticized the Planning Commission's decision to table the issue until the traffic study is completed.

"It kind of eats at you when you guys talk amongst yourselves and we have to sit here with duct tape on our mouth," he said.

Under Basehor regulations, there is no guideline enforcing two access points into a proposed development. However, the Planning Commission has mandated additional access points before approving developments in previous decisions.

Planning Commission member Jason Logsdon, who initially broached the idea for the traffic study, said the study is a fair alternative to both the developer and nearby residents.

"I think it's best addressed by an engineer's study of Poplar Street," Logsdon said. "I think that would be fair to the applicant and the residents."

Planning Commission member Rick Hogue, who voted against tabling the development's plat, argued that a second access point is necessary for Maples.

"I'm still opposed because of no (second) road," Hogue said. "I wish there was something this gentlemen (Lonnie Philips) and the church could do. We need a second road."

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