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Maples subdivision debate continues

Analysis indicates Poplar Street can handle more traffic

December 24, 2003

During a meeting earlier this month, sparks flew between developers of the proposed Maples subdivision and nearby residents. The hard feelings spilled over after the meeting, outside Basehor City Hall, where arguments between the two sides persisted.

On Tuesday, Jan. 6, the debate will continue as the Basehor Planning Commission hosts a public hearing for the preliminary plat of the Maples subdivision.

Both sides, developers and their opponents, will have an opportunity to speak during the hearing, Basehor city officials said.

Whether the pin will be stuck back in the grenade or more gas splashed on the fire remains to be seen.

The Maples subdivision is a proposed development, located just east of the Pin Oak development. Approximately 100 single-family homes are slated for construction.

Earlier this month, the Planning Commission tabled action on the Maples preliminary plat so engineers could analyze traffic volume at the intersections of Poplar and 155th streets.

Poplar Street, a residential street servicing Pin Oak, would also feed traffic into the Maples subdivision. The proposed subdivision has no other usable access road, developers said.

Mike Hooper, Basehor city codes administrator, said an engineering firm determined Poplar Street could handle traffic for an additional 75 more homes.Lonnie Philips, developer of the Maples subdivision, told the Planning Commission he is working with Holy Angels Catholic Church to gain an easement for building another access road into the proposed subdivision.

The developer and the church have not reached an agreement, thus far.

Residents of Pin Oak, and other nearby property owners, oppose any additional traffic on Poplar Street.

Under Basehor regulations, there is no guideline requiring two access points into a development. However, the Planning Commission has required additional access points before approving development issues in previous decisions.

Originally, Maples subdivision developers planned to build multi-family housing as well as single-family homes on their property. Developers dropped those plans and pursued single-family homes only.

The Planning Commission will make a decision to recommend the Basehor City Council approve or deny the development's preliminary plat. There is no timetable for when preliminary plat will be submitted to the City Council for consideration.

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