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Letter: A chance for students to succeed

February 12, 2003

To the Editor:

In the last bond election, out of the 6,382 registered voters, 1,656 cast their vote (roughly 26 percent). Different groups of people have had to fight for their right to vote and on Jan. 21 the majority of our community threw that right away. Do these people really just not care? It takes just a few minutes to vote or mail an advanced voting ballot. There is no excuse for not voting.

Did you know that Basehor Elementary is at 95 percent capacity, Glenwood Ridge Elementary is at 98 percent and the Linwood Elementary/Middle School complex is at 92 percent? With 1,200 homes already under construction, many more children will be attending these schools.

A bond issue will eventually pass. To say otherwise is to ignore reality. We simply cannot provide quality education when class sizes approach 30 students per class. It is unreasonable to expect one teacher to teach 30 first-graders how to read. The longer we wait to expand our facilities, the more expensive it will be and the higher our taxes will be. That is simple economics. This is especially true if we lose the 34 percent aid from the state. House Bill 2058 has been introduced to the state legislature. If passed, the state aid will be eliminated for any bonds issued after July 1, 2003. It may not pass, but are you willing to risk $10 million on that chance? If you are really concerned about keeping your taxes low, pass the bond issue now instead of later.

We have to get out and vote. We should not let a small percentage of the community make decisions on issues that affect everyone. The need is critical and will not go away. On April 1, please get out and vote yes for children and our community.

Kent and Daveda Leppke


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