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Letter:Wrestling club thanks its supporters

February 26, 2003

To the Editor:

We the Bonner Springs Wrestling Club would like to sincerely thank all businesses and wrestling family members past and present. Also Bonner Springs Ambulance and Police Departments for keeping us safe and the Bonner Springs School District for the use of their great facilities. The following is a list of businesses and individuals that helped to make this tournament a great success:

Travis, Stephanie, and Danielle Long, Jim Stewart, Craig and Jennifer Fratzel, Bill and Sherrie and Jessica Vogel, Harold and Robert smith, Stacey and Travis Mulich, Dale and Lori Taylor, Amber Spiess, Mike and Jody Franchett, Terry Ballard, Becky and Rich Swedo, Patty and Duane Nickell, Keith Kent, Karen Stephens, John and Linda Ross, Angela Blackwell, Melisa Rock, Dee Wilson, Sara Marshall, Jeff Elmer, Mike Marshall, Jerry and Ian, Caleb, and Josiah Seaton, Jeremy and Jamie Ring, and Makayla Gober, Doug, Craig and Thea Bower, Matt Middleton, Mike Jones, James Saunders, Cody Silva, Ron and Steven Houston, John Summers, Rick, Johni, and Sami Foulk, Kristn Richards, Cassie Stahl, Bonner Springs Ambulance, Bonner Springs Police--George Collins, USD 204, Dairy Queen, Thriftway, Kobie's, Cummings Tool, Price Chopper, Subway, Pizza Hut, Cathy, Buddy and Amber Bowen, Dan Burns, Lisa Culter, Frank, Paula and Misty DeGraw, Scott and CoyLynn Bates, Nichelle Fletcher.

I hope no one has been overlooked in my haste of the tournament day operations. If there was anyone overlooked, I apologize and want you to know that your help was greatly appreciated also. And I would especially like to thank our coaches who got our wrestlers started on their way. Dale Taylor, Jerry Seaton, Buddy Bowen and Jeff Holloway. I would also like to ask at this time for any past wrestling family members for you help to make sub-districts (March 15) a success also. Please call Dale Taylor at 441-6749.

Jim Bowen

Bonner Springs Wrestling Club

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