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Opinion: Boo the ACC!

July 3, 2003

Being a University of Miami fan, I should probably be excited about the school's decision to slip through the back door and bolt the Big East Conference.

But I'm not.

The fact is, Miami and Virginia Tech's decision to leave the Big East for the dollar green pastures of the Atlantic Coast Conference really ticks me off.

The deal is about money -- not for the athletes, mind you -- but for the league. Football money, sponsorship money, money left under the sofa cushions, the ACC wants every last Benjamin it can get.

It wasn't exactly the 'Canes science department or the Hokies agricultural program the ACC was after now, was it?

It's more likely the ACC expansion will cripple college football instead of bolstering it.

The ACC expansion means the league will have a championship football game, with Miami, Florida State or Virginia Tech most likely playing in that game.

That means those teams will have another obstacle to conquer before the national championship.

Coaches already hate league championship games because they usually face opponents they already played. If an undefeated team makes it to the league title game and loses, what then?

My point is that this extra game could possibly take away from the national championship game, since the league winner would likely wind up there.

And what becomes of the Big East? Under the current Bowl Championship Series format, the conference is given an at-large berth.

What program do they have left that can compete on a national stage?

Will we see a Fiesta Bowl of Oklahoma and Boston College or a Rose Bowl of Ohio State against Pittsburgh? It's certainly possible now.

I blame the aw shucks, good ol' boy hucksters of the old south for college football's reshuffling.

The ACC just can't leave other people's property alone.

First, they brainwashed Roy Williams to leave Kansas and now they've stolen Va-Tech and Miami away from the Big East.

All they had to do was diminish college sports by doing it. That seems to be commonplace for ACC folks, though.

There are people serving 20-to-life in Leavenworth Penitentiary I would trust more than anyone representing the ACC.

I would gladly take my chances being cellmates with Verne Schillinger, the neo-Nazi, extremely violent character on HBO's prison drama "Oz," than spend a night in a state with schools in the ACC.

I would rather hang out with O.J. Simpson at a meat cutters' convention wearing a blonde wig and a name tag reading Nicole, than root for the ACC.

The ACC is more likely to stab me in the back. At least I would see Schillenger or the Juice before I got the shiv.

The scariest part of the Miami-Virginia Tech/ACC marriage is that the conference's expansion may not be over.

Speculation has already begun as to whether the league will attempt to add a 12th team.

Lawsuits have been filed asking the court to block the ACC expansion and after Miami's announcement there are bound to be more. So get ready football fans, instead of talking X's and O's this season, we'll be talking about injunctions and trial dates.

Maybe the hearings will be broadcast on television, right after the Orange Bowl, featuring Notre Dame against Rutgers.

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