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City, county commissioners weigh in

July 17, 2003

Subjects ranging from road maintenance to the treatment of sewage were topics of discussion during a meeting between the Leavenworth County Commission and Basehor City Council president Julian Espinoza Thursday, July 10.

The three-member board of commissioners sent letters to each city in Leavenworth County offering to meet with city officials from those municipalities to discuss areas of concern. The Thursday afternoon sit-down with Espinoza was the first of those meetings, county officials said.

"It was nothing more than a fact-finding, informational meeting," Espinoza said. "The discussion was in generalities more than anything."

One of the discussions revolved around a city/county plan to provide sewers to the Cedar Lakes residential development on County Road 2. Cedar Lakes is currently on a lagoon system, but the Kansas Department of Health and Environment has mandated the lagoons be closed by October 2003.

The Basehor City Council has agreed to treat sewage from the development at the city's treatment plant. Thursday afternoon, Espinoza and the commissioners discussed possible plans to pump the sewage to Basehor.

Road maintenance was also a discussion item, Espinoza said.

During the meeting, he and the commissioners discussed which roads and streets would be maintained by the city and county.

"We really just wanted to clarify who is going to do what and in what time frame," Espinoza said.

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