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Opinion: Summer’s significance

June 11, 2003

My esteemed colleague Matt Tait has officially declared the arrival of summer. Those of you who read the Bonner Springs Chieftain know all about his amazing summer revelations.

I, too, have experienced the coming of summer in the last few weeks, and while the arrival of summer is generally the same for everybody, it has special significance for me this year.

Summer means my time covering Basehor-Linwood sports is coming to a close. I will most likely never watch another Bobcat sporting event in my life, which deeply saddens me.

My stint will officially end when I fly to England June 28 to study in Cambridge for a month. I might throw another column your way after that, but for the most part, I will be done.

While summer marks the end of my time around Basehor, the first time I realized summer was truly here was last Friday.

You know it is summer when people are doing the car wash fund-raiser. A combination of Basehor and Bonner Springs high school softball players had the first car wash of the season that I had seen.

I noticed a couple girls from the Basehor-Linwood team, so I figured I could spare a couple dollars to help support some of the people I had written about this year. They were raising money for a summer league team, and I had just traveled on a dirt road following a rain, so I think it was a win-win situation.

Of course, another summer ritual is the family reunion.

It is always nice to see family, but I would not consider a reunion an exciting event.

For my family, this year's get- together was in the booming metropolis of Smolan, Kan. Technically, it was just outside of Smolan, but if you take a couple steps in any direction, you'll be outside of Smolan.

We gathered on a ranch that doubles as a bed and breakfast, and the schedule for the day was action packed.

Since this is a sports column, I guess it is only right to mention I whipped my dad in pool. I'm not even good at pool, so you know how bad my dad must be.

Oh, but when we weren't playing pool or eating, we were out on the countryside. There are few things more exhilarating than a hayrack ride sitting between your two aunts.

The two highlights of the ride were going to see the cows and visiting the fire station. That's right, I said highlights. Who wouldn't love a middle-aged woman groaning annoyingly like a sick cow or her brother feeling the need to blow the extremely loud fire truck horn while it's in the garage and I'm standing right next to it.

Watching the cows did actually get a laugh from the guys. There were about 20 cows and one bull in this particular group, and one of my relatives coaxed them all near the hayrack with food.

However, when the bull decided it was time to leave, all the cows went chasing after him. You can imagine the comments coming from more obnoxious male relatives (obviously not me).

Yes, summer has definitely arrived, and the last couple of events have reiterated two life lessons.

First, give your support to your local youth, and second, males are superior . . . just kidding, ladies.

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