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Bobcats show heart in 7-on-7

June 19, 2003

The Basehor-Linwood Bobcats football team was shown up Monday, June 16 by Bishop Ward High School in the day's first game of seven-on-seven football.

And that was just fine with seven-on-seven coaches Nick Verbenec and Steve Brown, because the team showed considerable improvement over its previous week's games, despite the fact the Bobcats won both of those contests.

"It is the little things that keep getting messed up, the mental mistakes," Brown said. "That is OK though, now is the time to make those so the team learns from them and corrects them before the season begins."

Verbenec and Brown emphasized keeping their players emotionally involved and focused on the playing field after the disappointing, lackluster performance in the first half against Ward.

The plan worked as the Bobcats' defense responded with an interception against Lansing on the opening play of their second game. That delighted the two coaches, who sprinted down the sideline in excitement.

"Defensively, everyone is playing really good, smart football," Verbenec said. "The players are responding to receiver's strengths and weaknesses and changing their coverage."

Those signs are being noticed, at least by the summer coaches, who commended the younger, hardworking players.

"You have to give them credit, I don't see anyone else out here working every week," Brown said. "I'd even start them over some of the guys who are expecting to start but not putting the work in."

Tyler Dowdall may be the exception to Brown's statement.

Monday, the senior linebacker pushed himself in every play and every stop.

Dowdall even hated to be given a break at the sideline to take a drink and get a relief from the heat and humidity or to rest his banged up body.

"I want to get in the best shape possible and get my memory going so that when we deal with these things in the fall, they have all been practiced and are more fresh," he said.

Verbenec also said he was impressed with the level of performance the youngest players, sophomores Will Peterson and Dustin Weimer, were giving while attempting to make the jump up from freshman ball.

Junior Richard Brown said he was not about to waste the remaining weeks of 7-man football.

"I need to get quicker, I mainly played JV and I am looking to step up to varsity," the cornerback/receiver said. "This will hopefully all be routine for me in the fall and give me an edge."

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