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County officials expect to finalize sewer plans in April

March 5, 2003

Leavenworth County officials said a decision regarding sewer connections for developments south of Kansas Highway 24/40 could be made by April.

"I would say we'll probably have a course of action determined by then," said Joe Daniels, Leavenworth County commissioner.

During a hearing Feb. 26, the audience -- mostly residents from Cedar Lakes, a residential development along County Road 2 -- met with Leavenworth County officials to discuss a proposed sewer plan.

The 118-home development is currently on a lagoon system. However, the Kansas Department of Health and Environment has mandated the development close its lagoons by October.

Sewage from Cedar Lakes and Pinehurst, a residential, commercial and retail development south of the highway, would be sent to Basehor via an interceptor line and lift station built and paid for by the two developments.

The cost-sharing venture could also include some county involvement, county officials said.

During the hearing, state health officials said they would not grant an extension on the lagoon system.

County officials are scheduled to meet with Pinehurst developer John Breuer later this week to discuss the plan more thoroughly, Daniels said.

"We'll have to do some review over the plans and what can be done," Daniels said. "We'll meet with John and then decide what we want to do."

Out-of-town residents connected to the treatment plant are typically charged 125 percent of the in-city costs. However, Cedar Lakes will most likely be given the in-city rate because the development is expected to be annexed soon.

City officials said annexation proceedings would begin in coming weeks.

The city can unilaterally annex the development now that Pinehurst has been annexed. The Cedar Lakes property line adjoins with the Pinehurst property.

Long-term city plans call for further annexation along County Road 2.

"Our development plans show Basehor going to I-70 and in fact it could go south of there," City Codes Administrator Mike Hooper said.

County officials aren't the only ones considering future sewer plans.

On Wednesday, March 5, Basehor city officials met with representatives of the Kansas City based company Wilson Plumbing to discuss construction of the city's proposed sewer interceptor line.

Results of the meeting were not available as of press time.

The two sides hope to come to an agreement on cost for construction of the city project.

"We're hoping to get tentative approval (Wednesday) and then final approval at the City Council meeting," Hooper said.

"I think it's reasonable if it's approved at the March meeting, we could get started within 45-days," Hooper added.

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