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Candidate brings business experience

March 19, 2003

As the owner of K.C. Construction, David K. Breuer knows the importance of running a business efficiently.

And it's that emphasis on efficiency that Breuer pledges to bring to City Hall should he secure one of three Basehor City Council seats during the general election April 1.

"I've owned and managed K.C. Construction for many years," he said. "And every decision affects me financially. That type of decision making needs to be incorporated into our city government."

Breuer, 51, brings a unique combination to the table as a City Council candidate: as a local business owner and life-long resident he has, twice over, a vested interest in seeing the city prosper.

"I love this town," he said. "I was born and raised in this town and I have an interest in seeing it do well. There is no reason why we can't have nice things."

And one way to ensure that happens is to elect people that are used to making critical decisions when it comes to finances and future projects.

"We need people with background in business and experi

ence," he said. "There's no question about it. Absolutely, no question about it."

Electing candidates such as Breuer will be a determining factor in the city's long-term outlook. As growth continually occurs, decisions will become tougher and more critical, he said.

"It's obvious that growth is going to come," he said. "Either you control it through regulations and build a community you can be proud of or you just let it happen."

Breuer, a former developer with the Pin Oaks subdivision on his resume, also has previous experience in public service. He served as a Basehor-Linwood School Board member for eight years, never once missing a meeting.

"Being on the City Council is going to take a lot of time and I'm willing to put in my time," he said.

Another area that perhaps separates Breuer from other candidates is his desire to help fund a recreational program for the city.

"There is no focus point here," he said. "A rec program could be that. Look at what the Basehor Athletic Association has done up at the Field of Dreams. They do a fantastic job with just volunteers."

The Athletic Association is one of the few, if not the only, organization of its kind in the area that does not receive funding from a city or county.

Breuer said he would be in favor of aiding the Athletic Association with some city funding and resources.

"I think it's the right thing to do for the city and for the community," he said.

By earning the sixth most votes -- 66 -- during the primary election Feb. 25, Breuer has some catching up to do.

He urges Basehor residents to make their vote count for the most qualified candidate during the general election April 1.

"I'm a business guy, successful for 25 years and I know public service," he said. ""Vote for the best qualified person. Don't waste your vote."

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