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Letter: Do what’s best for the students

March 19, 2003

To the Editor:

A school board election is again before the voters Tuesday, April 1, which is incredibly important to the future of the students in the Basehor-Linwood School District. We, the voters, have a rare, second chance to do what is best for our students!

Growth is occurring rapidly in our district and with the influx of residents comes the addition of new students to our schools. Most of our facilities are presently to capacity. In the near future, expected student enrollment will push three out of five of our current school buildings to the point of extreme discomfort.

The bond issue before the voters is a smart one. It adds the facilities and remodeling needed to keep up with our growing district and for what is an affordable cost. Passage of the school bond at this time would ensure state funding to help with the cost which would more than likely not be available to us at a future date. The proposal of a new configured middle school, remodel at Linwood Elementary, and the addition of classrooms to Basehor Elementary and Glenwood Ridge Elementary are exactly what are needed and not extravagant.

Some residents of this district fear that the facilities in Linwood are being phased out. That is simply a fear and not fact. With the economic picture of present, no school district would close a sound facility, and an elementary school is and will always be needed in the Linwood end of the district.

Our students deserve the best. They deserve the best in curriculum, programs, teachers, and facilities! As a teacher and parents of children attending this great district, we urge all voters to get out and support this bond issue. We all need to say yes to our students!

Stuart W. Sweeney

and Lynn A. Sweeney


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