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Letter: School needs more room for students

March 19, 2003

To the Editor:

I am writing to you to show my support toward the Basehor-Linwood bond issue. I think people should get behind the bond issue and back it up.

There are homes going up all around us. Just eight months ago there were about six or seven lots for sale in my subdivision. Now they all have houses on them. Our school just needs more room and there isn't any left. All of the rooms are filled. The health class has to move from room to room on a cart during the other teachers' planning periods because there are no more rooms available. The halls are cramped too. My locker is on the top floor and it takes me all of the passing period to go down to the bottom floor.

There is also the factor of the condition of the building. Some parts of the building are 80 years old. The lockers are bad too. You have to use two hands to pull open my locker. There are pipes running along the floors and going up the walls that are outside of the wall. Our gym doesn't have air conditioning either.

I think we need a new school really bad. As an eighth-grade student at Basehor-Linwood Middle School, I vote yes on the bond issue.

Josh Ross


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