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Expansion unnecessary at Basehor treatment plant

Faulty meter head gives inaccurate readings

March 27, 2003

Expanding the Basehor Wastewater Treatment Facility to meet the needs of the developing city could have cost Basehor $3.5 million.

Lucky then, that the project is no longer needed.

Basehor city superintendent Gene Myracle said a sonar meter reading flow rates indicated the treatment plant was nearing capacity.

However, that meter may have been tampered with, causing inaccurate flow readings, Myracle said.

Manufacturers have since replaced the meter and accurate flow rates indicate the city doesn't need to expand the plant.

"We can handle all the current planned development in Basehor," Myracle said.

"We may not need to expand the treatment plant for another five to seven years," he added.

The new, accurate readings also indicate the plant can handle the sewage of future annexations of housing developments south of Kansas Highway 24/40.

The treatment facility is an expandable plant.

It is currently in phase one, processing approximately 390,000 gallons per day. It can expand to phase four, with a capacity to process 2.2 million gallons per day.

The faulty meter indicated the plant was processing up to 610,000 gallons per day causing city officials to begin plans for expansion.

"The meter head was basically counting flow that wasn't coming in," Myracle said.

City expansion discussions indicated the treatment plant would be expanded to phase three, bypassing phase two.

"Phase two wouldn't have covered what we have," Myracle said. "It wouldn't have been enough to get caught up."

City officials said the faulty readings were not the reason for recent increases to hook-up and sewer rate fees. The increases were budgeted items so the city could pay for the cost of the existing treatment facility.

Future projects associated with the treatment plants such as the Kansas Highway 24/40 sewer interceptor line will be paid for by developers and through benefit districts.

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