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May 15, 2003

To the Editor:

Before amending zoning to permit industrial development or increased population density, town planners should try to protect the wetlands and should assess whether current environmental laws and regulations will permit the proposed uses, industrial and/or housing placement.

It seems to us that the council should provide the public with the planning rationale, traffic studies, environmental studies and other information before a vote is taken. The appearances appear the city of Basehor has been conducting all discussions of these zoning changes in closed session because the trade offs going on. Only the votes have been taken in open session.

It is a disservice to the public to change zoning to make a legal problem go away without doing the appropriate planning and public education. Actions taken in secret do not inspire public confidence.

I would like the council to consider this a formal request to inspect the studies and information upon which the council based the choice of properties to be downzoned to Industrial.

We hope the City of Basehor Council will prepare sound plans for the future and, by planning with the environment in mind, will make good decisions.

Walter Heimbaugh

Briarwood Subdivision

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