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Opinion: Reflections on the year

May 22, 2003

The year is winding down, and postseason play has begun. The athletes are almost finished, and I have nearly completed an entire year of covering high school sports.

In all reality, a sports reporter has an easy job, except for that whole being a full-time student thing, even though being paid to watch Basehor-Linwood play sports is not a bad way to spend the free time I do not actually have.

At times, the thought of wrecking my car even came to mind so I would not have to go to games. While that was not a realistic option, there is nothing better than having a project due that can make or break your grade the day after a Basehor-Linwood sporting event.

But at other times, I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. It is always exciting finding out just how far out of shape you are by playing the baseball team in basketball.

The one thing I realized during my experience is that while the Bobcat sports may have had a down year, the individual athletes have it better than where I went to school.

Growing up in the small town of Ellsworth, Kan., in the middle of the state, nobody went to play college athletics unless they were awesome at a sport. Somebody almost had to medal at state to be noticed.

Coaches did not really encourage athletics after high school, so students were on their own. Circumstances just did not lend themselves to college sports.

Things are different for schools near Kansas City it seems. At Basehor-Linwood, students have more of an opportunity to continue their athletic careers. It makes a person wonder how things could have been different.

So, after watching the Bobcats play for a year and reflecting on how much I miss sports, I have devised a plan that I will never carry out.

Here is what I plan to never do. I will graduate from KU next May, and when I do, I will not want to be in the real world. Instead of finding a job, I will enroll at a small college in the area and pursue another degree, maybe in psychology. I always found psychology to be interesting.

Once there, I will decide which sport I want to play. When I was lean and in shape, two words that would no longer describe me, I think I could have played either basketball or football. At the school I choose, I will walk-on initially, but soon thereafter, my play will warrant a scholarship.

I will be like Scott Bakula in "Necessary Roughness." The old, dried-up star with some eligibility left comes back to save the day.

So, if you know of any college looking for an out of shape has been, just let me know.

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