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Letter: Riverfront park questions linger

May 28, 2003

To the editor:

The presentation given Monday, May 19, 2003, about the proposed Riverfront Park in Bonner Springs was very interesting, and I do share the enthusiasm of bringing more people to Bonner Springs. However, there are several unasked questions that should be addressed before the project goes forward.

Mayor Smith asked if the project as in the flood plain. The answer was no. My charts show that nearly all is in the flood plain.

How are the hobos and drifters that travel the railroad through our area going to be handled?

Questions about the cost of added police protection, trash pick up and insurance were not addressed.

Any improvement by the city up stream of Wolf Creek would have to be addressed. The fact that there are no sewer lines or water lines in this area would make RV parking closed to the proposed boat ramp a costly problem.

I understand that Edwardsville closed its boat ramp. Perhaps we should find out what kind of problems they had with their River Front Park.

Has the EPA given approval for the part of the trail over the abandoned dump area, and what is the city's responsibility to the users of the trail in regard to the potential toxic materials in the area?

In closing, the proposed River Front Park through the designed to help downtown Bonner Springs may in fact have a detriment effect on downtown economy if railroad transients make trouble or worse, if the trail gets bad publicity from muggings, rapes, murders, dumping area for bodies, or a child drowning in the river.

Earnie Holloway

Bonner Springs

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