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School board fills vacant position

October 2, 2003

By unanimous vote, the Basehor-Linwood School Board appointed Michael Laffere, a long-time Basehor resident, as a new board member, filling a vacancy created in July.

During a special meeting Monday, Sept. 29, school board members asked Laffere to fill vacant board position No. 4, which he accepted during a conference call.

School board members said past experience was one factor in Laffere's selection.

Another was that the father of three children, all of whom graduated from Basehor-Linwood High School, could offer a different perspective from other board members.

"Mike Laffere represents a different constituency," board member Chris Claflin said, citing that the new member has no children in school. "I think that's important to keep in mind."

Laffere, 50, a salesperson for Ambrose Sales Inc. in Olathe, has lived in Basehor since 1985. He has served on the Basehor Planning Commission and has experience in the school district as well, serving on several different committees over the years.

Laffere agreed with board members: by not having children in the school district, he can stand apart from an issue and look at it from a different perspective.

"I think it gives a totally different perspective," Laffere said. "I'm not involved day-to-day. If my kids were still in school, I may be more emotionally involved. This way, I can be more impartial, from a personal standpoint."

Laffere also said he has no agenda for his term and would approach each issue carefully.

"I guess I'm kind of a pragmatic kind of person," Laffere said. "I'll look at the question, get as much information as possible and make a decision I think is best."

Laffere's appointment was created by the resignation of former board member Ron Owen, who resigned in late July for personal reasons. Laffere will fill the remainder of Owen's term, which expires in June 2005.

Laffere will be sworn in as a school board member next week.

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