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70 patrons attend 2nd council meeting

October 30, 2003

The graduation rate at Basehor-Linwood High School is approximately 83 percent, a number superintendent Jill Hackett expects to see climb in the future. The graduation rate was a topic of discussion during the district advisory council meeting Monday, Oct. 27.

Approximately 70 local school district residents, government leaders and business owners attended the second meeting of the advisory council.

Hackett said 70 members is a solid target number for the group but school officials are more than willing to accept more participants.

Hackett said the graduation rate might seem lower than it actually is due to errors made in the reporting procedure. School officials are researching the procedure in cataloging the graduation rates, the superintendent said.

However, Hackett vowed to see those graduation numbers increase, mistakes in reporting or not.

"I can tell you, it's going to be higher next year," she said. "I think we'll see the graduation rate be much better than that in the future."

Another item addressed by the district advisory council was the school district's performance on math assessments.

The school district is currently working toward improving its overall performance in math by reviewing the entire curriculum and instruction process. An improved curriculum will align with state standards and bench marks, Hackett said.

Once the graduation rates and math curriculum were discussed, the advisory council separated into smaller groups to reconsider, add or delete items members feel the school district should address.

At a meeting last month, the groups put together a list for further review and discussion. The advisory council will work through those lists at coming meetings, school officials said.

Hackett said she was pleased with the participation, discussion and input from the advisory council and expects the trend to continue as the group moves along.

An exact date of the next advisory council meeting has not yet been scheduled. Hackett said it could occur in late November or early December. There will be at least one more meeting before the winter break, she added.

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