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Opinion: Hand me the remote

September 11, 2003

It's as inevitable as the leaves falling, a rite of passage that takes place in the evolution from summer to fall -- football season starts, my golf game suffers.

On Saturday, the sun was shining and the temperature was in the low 80s. Last week's rains, which at times seemed the equivalent of a Japanese Tsunami, meant courses would be lush green and in exemplary playing condition.

It was a day ripe for long drives, pinpoint pitches and back of the clown's mouth putts. My favorite golf course, Falcon Lakes in Basehor, was to be my destination.

Oh, what could have been.

Like a bum propositioned with a pork chop dinner, I anxiously sat down my clubs and watched the opening minutes of an upset in the making between Boston College and Penn State. Another score came across the ticker for Ohio State and San Diego State, indicating the Buckeyes were in a dog fight with the Aztecs.

Plus, Miami-Florida and Oklahoma-Alabama would kick off later in the evening.

To heck with golf, I said. It's going to be another rough fall for my scorecard.

Some random thoughts from college football's second week.

  • Has any team done as little and fallen as quickly as the 0-2 Auburn Tigers?
  • Notre Dame is the luckiest team in the nation and No. 1 on my list of most hated programs. Every week they stumble derriÃre backward into a comeback win. This weekend they came back on Washington State, who had the Irish down by 19.

We'll see if their luck holds against Michigan this weekend.

  • Ohio State, the second team on my list, will lose two, maybe three games this year. Saturday should have been the first one as a feisty Aztec team came into the Shoe and played the defending champs to a 16-13 nailbiter.

On another note, since when did Maurice Clarett become the second coming of Jim Brown? Pro scouts aren't high on him anyway, but for some reason he's getting attention like LeBron James in cleats.

  • There is no truth to the rumor that Kansas State is attempting to schedule Kaw Valley League opponents for next season. After playing stiffs like Troy State, McNeese State and this week's juggernaut, UMASS, the Wildcats and gutless wonder head coach Bill Snyder could use a week off.

Does the Basehor-Linwood Virtual School have a team?

  • It appears the Colorado Buffaloes have grasped the concept of the forward pass. CU quarterback Joel Klatt gives the Buffs the passer they've needed for the past three seasons.

He threw for 400 yards in a win over Colorado State and completed key passes in a fourth quarter, game winning drive over UCLA this weekend.

Although his passing ability gives the Buff's another offensive dimension, it may not be enough to overcome Colorado's ambitious schedule. This week CU gets a ticked off Washington State and next week they travel to Tallahasee for a showdown with Florida State.

  • I'm not going to gloat about the Miami-Florida game. I should but I'm not going to.
  • Anyone who sees Matt Tait around should compliment him on his pick of Colorado State to win the national championship. What's their record anyway?

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