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KDOT continues 24/40 interchange

September 18, 2003

Design plans for replacing the Kansas Highway 7 and U.S. 24/40 interchange are continuing with final details to be announced in the spring, officials from the Kansas Department of Transportation said.

In June, the department of transportation unveiled its concept for replacing the interchange, a cloverleaf configuration built in 1956. The replacement interchange will be a semi-cloverleaf, according to the design.

The $30.5 million project will be let for construction in 2006, and roadwork is slated to begin in the spring of that year. It should be completed by early 2007.

Thus far, a detailed design has not yet been completed as engineers continue to study road right-of-way access and land easements necessary for the project.

A meeting, set for the spring of 2004, will detail where land easements are necessary, the relocation of utility lines and property access, said Ron Kaufman, public affairs officer for the department. An exact date has not been scheduled for the springtime meeting, Kaufman said.

As part of the same project, the department is planning to improve and widen highway 24/40 to six lanes, three heading in each direction, from 142nd Street, the Wyandotte-Leavenworth county line, to 118th Street.

Replacing the interchange is expected to relieve an increase in traffic congestion and make travel more accommodating; a study commissioned by the department of transportation indicates as many as 22,700 cars travel near the K-7 interchange and as many as 14,000 vehicles travel 24/40 per day.

The department of transportation expects those numbers to balloon to more than 50,000 cars near the K-7 interchange and 43,000 on 24/40 per day by 2026.

The K-7 and 24/40 interchange isn't the only one slated for new construction.

The transportation department, in conjunction with Shawnee, has commissioned a study focusing on potential improvements to the intersection at K-7 and Johnson Drive.

The department of transportation will host a public meeting to discuss the study and possible intersection work at 5:30 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 18 at Woodsonia Elementary School, at K-7 and Johnson Drive.

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