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City Council considering changes to elected official pay

April 15, 2004

A proposal to eliminate the mayor's salary and spread it out equally among Basehor City Council members, as well as the mayor, was pulled from Monday night's City Council meeting agenda.

City officials said the City Council wanted more time to discuss the proposal and will do so during a retreat Saturday, April 17 at Cabela's.

The proposal would have eliminated the annual salary paid to the mayor -- approximately $9,760 is budgeted for 2004 -- and divided that sum among the five members of the City Council. Currently, City Council members earn $1 per month; if the proposal is approved, they would each receive a stipend of $100 per month.

Also, if the measure is approved, the city would save $10,768 between 2004 and 2007, according to city figures.

While developing the 2004 budget, Basehor mayor Joseph Scherer said he would forfeit his salary if the city hired a city administrator. In March, the city hired David Fuqua as the first city administrator in Basehor government history.

Scherer directed city staff to spread the salary out among himself and those on the City Council because $1 a month did not adequately compensate members for the time spent conducting city business.

A resolution in May 1990 set a sum of $1 per month for the mayor and City Council members to receive.

In November 1999, the City Council approved a measure that maintained their $12 a year salary but provided the mayor of the time, John Pfannenstiel, with $9,000 a year.

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