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Basehor Council agrees to repair parking areas near city library

August 19, 2004

The Basehor City Council has deemed the parking situation near the Basehor Community Library and other businesses a safety hazard and discussed alternatives Monday night to make the area safer for motorists.

City Council members discussed the project during a work session Monday night.

The most likely scenario involves changing the parking structure in front of the library and other buildings to a diagonal-only parking lot. Motorists coming from the north would be able to pull directly into a parking place while drivers coming from the south would have to go around the block before parking.

Interim Basehor police chief Martin Cigich said the parking situation along 155th Street between Ripley and Maple streets is one that's not completely safe for motorists. Because of limited space, cars often block the view for motorists trying to back out of the parking lot.

"To me it would be a lot safer because there's been some accidents there," Cigich said.

To make the parking lot near the library a diagonal-only lot, the city would have to cut out portions of land near the corner of Ripley Street and redirect parts of a sidewalk.

Basehor mayor Joseph Scherer said the city would assume the costs of the project.

"It's a public safety issue and we're willing to take that cost to change the parking," Scherer said. "I see this as let's get this fixed and cleaned up."

The City Council is currently reviewing on-street parking for all of the downtown area. City staff are compiling recommendations for City Council consideration.

Scherer said the city will meet with library officials soon to discuss the proposed project.

In other news, the City Council reviewed recommendations for revising several areas in its employee policy manual.

City Council member Iris Dysart said she has been working with city employees since June to revise policies in the manual. The manual has undergone no major revisions since at least 2001, city officials said.

One of the areas under consideration for revision is a section currently labeled conflicts of interest. City employees are recommending the section be revised to read "guidelines for conducting business" and to eliminate all but two paragraphs of the section.

City officials said the paragraphs proposed for elimination are superfluous; the remaining text encompasses the spirit of the section.

City Council member John Bonee questioned the elimination of the paragraphs.

"If it was something I had to recite by memory I'd say take it out -- but somebody put it in there for a reason," Bonee said.

Dysart said she'd like to see the new revisions go before the City Council for vote in December so any possible changes could be implemented by January of next year.

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