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Name that Lansing High grad

December 2, 2004

For you old-timers, I have a question:

What former Lansing High School student ...

¢ Learned to be a butcher in Campbell's Grocery Store, later to be an owner of the same store?

¢ Was a charter member of the Lansing Lions Club 50 years ago?

¢ Was elected a Leavenworth County sheriff?

¢ Became chief of police in Leavenworth?

¢ Was head of the Kansas Highway Patrol?

¢ Was the Leavenworth postmaster from 1964 to 1971?

¢ Was head of the Kansas Penal System?

¢ Was one of the best softball pitchers in Leavenworth County in the late 1940s?

Answer: Bob Woodson.

Bob and I were in Lansing High School together; he was a senior when I was a freshman. He worked at Campbell's Grocery Store on the corner of Main and Kansas before school, then we walked to school together because I lived right across the street.

Our softball field was next to the highway, north of where our present fire station is. It was on state property, and there were many great games played on that field.


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