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Lansing state representative tapped to lead powerful House committee

December 16, 2004

Lansing State Rep. Kenny Wilk has been named as chairman of the powerful House Taxation Committee.

The appointment was announced last week by House Speaker Doug Mays, R-Topeka.

"I don't know if it's a blessing or a curse," joked Wilk, a Republican who represents the 42nd District in Leavenworth County.

The committee, which reviews changes to the state tax system, is among the largest in the House.

"It's got 23 members and about 125 different opinions," Wilk said.

Appointment to the post means Wilk will give up his chairmanship of the Joint Committee on Economic Development, but it won't spell the end of his involvement with pushing economic development initiatives in the Legislature.

"The speaker talked with me about having the committee look at tax policy with an eye toward economic development," said Wilk, who is credited with helping create and push the Kansas Economic Growth Act through the Legislature in 2004.

Several key issues will be served up to the committee early in the session, which begins Jan. 9:

¢ A move to repeal a 2004 law that changed the way the state charges sales tax on used cars. The law requires county treasurers to collect sales tax based on Kelley Blue Book value as opposed to the actual sales price and has been roundly criticized since its enactment.

"That's going to receive immediate attention," Wilk said.

¢ A proposal to streamline a 2003 law that required retailers to charge sales tax on delivered goods based on where the buyer lived, rather than the decades-old system of charging sales tax based on where the purchase was made.

¢ Possible taxation of Internet sales.

Wilk said he was looking forward to the challenge of chairing the committee.

"It certainly helps me in serving the district," he said.


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