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Longtime school nurse retires

December 23, 2004

Throughout Diann Hull's 28 years as the school nurse for the Lansing school district, she has seen many changes. But there's always been one constant.

"The children haven't changed," Hull said. "They've always been great."

In the spring semester of 1976, Hull began her tenure as nurse for the entire school district, in charge of five school buildings and grades kindergarten through 12.

When Hull retired Friday, she shared nursing responsibilities with Sue Niederhofer. Hull was the nurse for Lansing Elementary and Intermediate schools.

As the district has grown, Hull's job as school nurse has changed. She said over the years her job has involved providing more education and caring with parents, many of whom she cared for when they were students. It's nice to see familiar faces, Hull said.

"Some children are so much like their parents when they were children it's crazy," Hull said.

The relationships she has built with the people she has worked and lived with in the Lansing community made the decision to retire even more difficult, Hull said.

With her husband, Robert, retiring from American Airlines this year, Diann thought it was time to make the move.

"It's a big decision, but I think we'll like it," Diann said.

With her mother and four of her five brothers and sisters living in Kansas, making the decision to retire and move to Grove, Okla., was even more difficult. Robert and Diann plan to visit their three children after Christmas. Their son Todd lives in Cleveland, son Tim lives in Arkansas City, Ark., and daughter Tanya splits time between Alabama and Canada. Diann and Robert also plan to visit Mexico in February.

Besides traveling, Dian hopes to do her fair share of scrapbooking and crocheting.

The district has not filled Hull's position yet.


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