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A stamp of approval

December 30, 2004

Lansing residents come to the post office to send their mail, and Kenny Howard sends them out the door with a smile.

"I treat customers the way they want to be treated," Howard said.

Since 1986, Howard worked for the United States Postal Service. But for many years, Howard's work didn't involve working with people at all, but as a clerk, sorting mail at the downtown Leavenworth branch. Two years ago, he transferred to the Lansing office.

He said although he enjoyed working with the people of Lansing, he missed the worldwide travel he went on during his 20-year military career. He served four years as a Marine and after an eight-year break, served 16 years with the Air National Guard.

Despite his sister's encouragement and his line of work, Howard's interests do not include stamp collecting, even though he sees hundreds of letters and stamps pass through the office everyday.

"If I was smart, I'd have a stamp collection," said Howard, who notes he's partial to a John Wayne stamp that's now being offered.

Name: Kenny Howard

Address: 1610 S. Broadway

Occupation: Sales and service associate at the United States Postal Office, Lansing branch

Graduate of: Leavenworth High School

Family: Wife Debby; daughters Taylor, 13, and Madison, 9; stepdaughter Chase, 13

How long have you lived in the Lansing area and what brought you here? I was born in Adak, Alaska (one of the Aleutian Islands). My dad was a Merchant Marine, and my family moved to Leavenworth when I was one or two. After four years with the Marines, I came back to be close to my family.

What do you like most about Lansing? The people. I've met just about all of Lansing and about half of Leavenworth through my work. I also like the Chiefs and University of Kansas basketball

What do you do for fun? I like to go fishing or camping at my secret, private lake. I also like taking my daughter to gymnastics.

What would surprise people about you? My age - it's a secret. People think I'm younger than I really am. It could be the way I act; I'm a kid at heart.

What's the best advice you ever received? One day I told a little old lady "Don't go out in the rain without galoshes," and then she told me "Don't cook bacon naked." People tell me "Keep smiling" all the time.

What organizations or clubs do you belong to? Veterans of Foreign Wars, American Legion, Eagles


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