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Opinion: This Rose stinks

January 8, 2004

I'm sorry but I don't buy into all the Pete Rose to the Hall of Fame hoopla now that he's admitted to the world what we knew all along -- that he gambled on baseball and bet on his own team.

It's also been revealed he braced other managers for information about their pitchers, tips he would later use to determine his bets.

Anyone who thinks he should be allowed into Cooperstown should rethink that opinion.

The majority of criticisms I hear against athletes today center on their salaries and the preferential treatment they receive. The worst criminals in sports usually don't bring their crimes into the arena with them the way Rose did.

And let's remember why Rose came forward and admitted his crime in the first place: to promote sales of his new book, the funds of which will go into his pockets and be used to feed his gambling addiction.

Was Rose, the all-time hits leader, a great player? Without question. Are his stats good enough for a bust in Cooperstown? Absolutely.

But so are the stats of Shoeless Joe Jackson, a Chicago White Sox outfielder banned from baseball for his alleged role in the Black Sox scandal.

There's much dispute about whether Jackson was involved in the fix or not, yet I don't see much of a "Shoeless Joe to the Hall" campaign.

Say what you want about other Hall of Fame players -- the Babe was a womanizer, Ty Cobb allegedly a murderer and Mickey Mantle a drunk -- but there is no evidence that any of them violated baseball the way Rose did.

The bottom line is Rose leads a scumbag existence, and I don't think he should be rewarded now for his so-called honesty.

He lied for years and only came forward when it served himself best.

That, in a way, is what Pete Rose is all about.

  • Despite its failure to provide anything resembling a true national championship, the Bowl Championship Series, perhaps in its last hurrah, did provide entertaining games this season.

Of the BCS games, only the outcome of the Rose Bowl seemed assured in the fourth quarter.

  • I take an unusual amount of delight in watching Florida State lose close game after close game to Miami.

Yes, I'm a 'Canes fan but it's always fun to see Hillbilly Bobby Bowden march off the field after his team misses Wide Right.

  • In this column space I've been an ardent critic of the Kansas State football program and head coach Bill Snyder.

I'm not going to be rough on the Wildcats this week.

Truth is, I felt bad for the Kansas State fans who had their experience dashed by the Ell Roberson controversy after shelling out good money to travel to the Fiesta Bowl. But it was a tough spot Snyder was in, and yes, I do believe he made the wrong decision. But I understand why he played Roberson.

Winning a major bowl game like the Fiesta Bowl against a team like Ohio State could have elevated the program to new heights.

  • Memo to ESPN: I don't care about watching the end of Texas-Providence.

If you're going to advertise a Kansas-Colorado game, show the freakin' game!

Also, while I have you here, fire Stuart Scott. His jokes stink.

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