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Police calls for service increased in 2003

January 8, 2004

In 2003, calls for service to the Basehor Police Department increased by 113 from the previous year, according to the police department's year-end report.

"There was an increase but we can attribute a lot of that to the growth of the community," Basehor police chief Vince Weston said, citing the police department's growing jurisdiction.

Due to annexations, Basehor police now patrol and monitor areas north of the city along Kansas Highway 7 and along Kansas Highway 24/40 previously handled by the Leavenworth County Sheriff's Department.

The calls-for-service total includes arrests, accidents, assisting other agencies and animal calls. With an expanded territory to cover, it's logical that calls for service increased in 2003, Weston said.

With the city looking to expand further in the future, more calls for service is a trend not likely to die down soon, he added.

"That's just a sign of things to come for the Basehor Police Department," the chief said. "When folks call in, they should expect to see a Basehor officer at their doorstep."A breakdown of the 2003 year-end calls for service total, as submitted to The Sentinel, is shown below:

  • Calls for service, 272
  • Animal calls, 33
  • Assists, 66
  • Accidents, 62
  • Arrests, 84
  • Criminal activity, 131
  • Juvenile cases, 44

Those calls add up to 692 calls for service to the police department in 2003.

Next week, the Basehor Police Department will take steps to bolster its law enforcement services by asking the Basehor City Council to approve hiring another full-time officer and purchasing an additional squad car.

Currently, the police department includes six full-time and five part-time officers, as well as one reserve officer.

Weston said the police department's goal is to put two officers on patrol for each shift in the coming year.

Year-end reports are mandatory for all law enforcement agencies.

The statistics are sent to the Kansas Bureau of Investigation, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the U.S. Justice Department for state and national totals.

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