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Continued sales tax increase necessary

January 22, 2004

Revenue from sales tax receipts continues to climb in Basehor, and it's important that the financial upswing continue, said Debbie Breuer, Basehor Chamber of Commerce president.

"The sales tax we receive from the merchants goes toward infrastructure improvements, streets and purchase of equipment," said Breuer, who was named Chamber of Commerce president in January. "Without the sales tax going into our city coffers, the city would have problems paying the bills. Contrary to what many may think, our residential property taxes do not cover the bills."

According to information released by the Kansas Department of Revenue, in fiscal year 2004 (July 2003 to December 2003) sales tax increased in Basehor by 40 percent from last year.

November and December of 2003 were particularly good months for the city, producing a 65 and 48 percent increase respectively from those months last year.

Overall, the city has seen $65,330 from sales tax in fiscal year 2004 versus just $46,652 last year.

New restaurants opening in Basehor within the last 12 months such as Simple Simon's Pizza, Doc and Bruties, Sonic and The Brassie Bar and Grill have fueled the sales tax infusion. Other businesses such as ?? Liquor Store and Falcon Lakes Golf Course have helped as well.

Breuer said more help is on the way as 2004 should see additional commercial venues open for customers.

"The Chamber is anticipating much more growth this year as well," she said. "The building will commence this spring and sales tax benefit will not start until doors open late fall or early spring."

While the new sales tax numbers are encouraging, the city's sum is relatively paltry compared to those of other cities. By comparison, Bonner Springs has received $917,706 in sales tax in fiscal year '04, Tonganoxie $175,405 and Lansing $340,346.

Sales tax numbers in Leavenworth County showed a modest, 3.2 percent increase in fiscal year '04, bringing in $2,499,848 against $2,421,719 last year. Wyandotte County sales tax increased 2.6 percent, $8,254,719 from July to December against $8,045,072 last year.

Statewide, sales tax revenue decreased 4.6 percent in November but rebounded and increased 6.7 percent in December. For the year, state sales tax receipts have increased 2.9 percent.

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