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Police puzzle over ‘strange sounds’

January 22, 2004

A mysterious sound, something like "a sonic boom," has some local residents and Basehor police scratching their heads, curious of the noise's origin and more importantly, its function.

Basehor police chief Vince Weston said his police officers have taken reports from residents in the past several months, since Halloween, about booming sounds in the night air.

"We've gotten a couple," Weston said. "It's not a continuos thing, but on some weekend nights there is a noise that sounds like fireworks without the display."

One local man reporting the sound to police described the noise as sounding like "dynamite or TNT," the police chief said.

Residents reporting the strange recurring sound have told police it is usually a quick blast coming at strange times. Some have placed the noise coming from south of the city, toward areas along County Road 2.

"It's usually one or two blasts and then it's done for the evening," Weston said.

The police department opened an investigation into the matter but as of yet, it has not revealed any helpful information.

An official with the Tonganoxie Police Department said there have been no reports of the noise in their jurisdiction. As of press time, deputies with the Leavenworth County Sheriff's Department were reviewing past reports to see if any matched similar descriptions.

Basehor police encourage anyone with information concerning the noise contact them at (913) 724-1370.

"Absolutely contact us," Weston said. "Something that loud, it's probably illegal."

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