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BLHS student has her day in Washington

July 8, 2004

Basehor-Linwood student Samantha Moore knows a lot more about the inner workings of the federal government and the lives of politicians looking for re-election thanks to a leadership program last month in the nation's capital.

Samantha was one of 324 students from 48 states and three countries who participated in the Presidential Classroom's National Security in a Democracy program In Washington, D.C., June 12-19.

"There was a lot of action going on," she said. "A lot of (politicians) were getting their stuff ready for the elections."

During the week-long program, Samantha and the other participants divided up into caucus groups, with which they traveled, and visited the White House, CIA headquarters, the Library of Congress and the Smithsonian Museum.

At many of the stops, the students got to speak with and question, members of congress, political aides, journalists and other Washington insiders.

"I got to meet a lot of people," she said. "It was a lot to take in. There were lots of different viewpoints out there."

The different groups also divided up to debate current events and issues.

One of the things Samantha said she really noticed was the security around Capitol Hill in a post-Sept. 11 world.

She said her bus was searched twice while visiting the CIA building and members of her group were only allowed to bring in a piece of identification and nothing else.

Furthermore, she said security officials had policies regulating admittance of non-U.S. citizens to the intelligence building.

Moore originally got the application from Who's Who last year and found out that she would be making the trip this past school year.

At that point, she started saving her money doing fund-raising activities to make the trip happen.

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