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Pyramid zoning still on agenda in Basehor

May 13, 2004

Until someone changes their mind, members of the Basehor City Council will continue with plans to revert to the city's previous model for zoning.

That's essentially the message City Council members sent Monday night when discussing pyramid zoning, a classification used in Basehor in the past.

"We can get the feedback in the process, but let's at least get the ball rolling now," Basehor mayor Joseph Scherer said.

"I think time is of the essence," he added.

On Monday night, the City Council unanimously approved a measure that would request the Basehor Planning Commission to review pyramid zoning and make a recommendation to the City Council.

Pyramid zoning is a classification system that allows for more mixed-use developments. It prevents commercial, industrial or residential developments from going above the zoning classification they've been approved for but does allow them to develop in the classifications below.

For example, a development approved for light industrial businesses such as warehouses, could not change plans and allow for heavy industrial businesses such as a concrete factory. However, that same commercial park could allow for anything below its light industrial classification, including residences.

Employees in the Basehor planning and codes enforcement department have expressed concerns over the proposal and wish to meet with the City Council to discuss the disadvantages of pyramid zoning, Scherer said.

The mayor said those discussions will take place, along with input from the Planning Commission, before the City Council votes on the proposal.

During past meetings, City Council members said they are pushing for pyramid zoning because they feel businesses will bypass Basehor without a tool in place allowing flexibility.

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