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Council rejects speed-limit increase

May 27, 2004

The speed limits in Basehor won't be changing, at least for now.

On May 25, the second day of a weather-interrupted city council meeting, an ordinance to change the existing speed limits on three streets failed 2-3.

The proposed ordinance called for changes on 155th Street, Parallel Road and Leavenworth Road. The ordinance failed after considerable discussion by the council, during both nights of the council's meeting this week and in previous city meetings, and after members of the council heard several citizens come out against the measure in an open forum during the May 24 portion of the meeting.

Council Members John Bonee and Iris Dysart took exception to one of the proposed changes and voted against the measure. However, both indicated that if the ordinance called for a 35 mph speed limit on 155th Street between Pin Oak Drive and the city's northern limits rather than a 40 mph speed limit, then they would have voted in favor of the measure, which then likely would have passed.

Other changes called for a 25 mph speed limit through the school zones when lights are flashing, a 40 mph speed limit on 155th Street between U.S. Highway 24/40 and the Pebblebrooke Retirement Community, a 40 mph speed limit on Parallel Road from the city limit west to 150th Street and a 40 mph speed limit on Leavenworth Road from the city limit west to 154th Street.

After the motion failed, members of the council expressed interest in reworking the ordinance and taking further action, but Mayor Joseph Scherer intervened.

"It is my agenda," he said. "Personally, I am not going to discuss it anymore."

The mayor urged the council to form a consensus on the matter and only approach it again with a united front.

If the council can come to terms with a solution, the matter may again be placed on the agenda in one of the June meetings.

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