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LHS students conduct mock election

November 4, 2004

Lansing high school government and sociology students spent Election Day organizing, distributing, casting and counting their own ballots and exit polls, a microcosm mimic of real-life voting polls that yielded results similar to those of the county.

President George W. Bush took a firm majority in both the county and the high school, winning 66 percent of staff and students and 58 percent of registered county voters.

Of the 489 mock voters at Lansing High, 22 percent voted for Sen. John Kerry, 6 percent for the independent or libertarian, and 7 percent for Ralph Nader, a number government teacher Claudia Logue called surprisingly high.

Of county voters, 40 percent voted for Sen. Kerry and 1 percent each for Nader and independent or libertarian candidates.

Sociology teacher Tracy Hutton, whose students conducted the exit poll surveys, said all 32 Nader voters had at least one parent in the military. Catholic voters in the school's survey voted overwhelmingly for Bush.


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