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Remembering Kelly’s Grove

Gene Young’s history corner

November 11, 2004

Congratulations to Lansing on the grand opening of the new Kelly Grove Park. That brought back memories of the original Kelly's Grove. That is what it was called when I was a kid. We used to camp out all night under the beautiful walnut trees. I still remember the smell of bacon being cooked over the open fire in the morning. That was in the 1930s.

My parents were married in 1920 and mom used to talk about the dances they went to at the grove. Dad helped set up the portable dance floor. There were picnics and other events held there, even a carnival. The area known to us as Kelly's Grove was only around three or four acres, with Nine-Mile Creek flowing around the east and south, with Highway 7 to the West. The expansion of the highway to a four lane changed the elevation, which makes everything look different now.

My wife, Bill Powell and I walked the trail last Thursday afternoon, and to our surprise, the original area of the grove is still there. It is directly north of the #15 marker across Nine Mile Creek. This is a great trail to walk, especially with an old friend like Bill. We stopped every few feet to exchange stories we remembered about Kelly's Grove.

I remember 4-H meetings at the Carnahan home, which is up on the hill east of the grove. Mrs. Carnahan was sort of an unofficial historian and left many pictures, which are now in our Lansing Museum. More about that later.


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