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City ready to battle snowy streets

November 24, 2004

As temperatures dip and the threat of wintry weather works its way into the forecast, Lansing Public Works officials say they're prepared for their annual battle to keep streets cleared of snow.

"We certainly try to be ready well in the early part of November each year," Lansing Director of Public Works John Young said recently. "We actually have just finished mounting all of our equipment. All of our spreaders and plows and are ready to run, and we've made some repairs to some of the equipment. We have salt and sand on hand and we have magnesium chloride - everything's checked out and ready to go."

Lansing Public Works has 200 tons of a salt-and-sand mixture and about 1,500 gallons of magnesium chloride, a chemical that lowers the freezing temperature of water and prevents ice from forming a strong bond to the road

Magnesium chloride is put into the same machine as the salt/sand mixture to wet the mixture before it goes onto the streets.

Young said he had heard "all kinds of ideas" about the winter ahead but said the city took the weather as it came.

"We're prepared for the worst and been pleasantly surprised when we have a mild winter," he said.

To find winter weather advice and information, you can check out Kansas' Winter Weather Awareness Web site:


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