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Breaker box malfunction destroys Lansing chiropractor’s house

November 24, 2004

A rural Lansing man whose garage caught fire Thursday night said his home and everything in it was "a total loss."

Jay Carter, a Lansing chiropractor, was notified of the fire in a phone call on his way home from a meeting in Kansas City. The caller was a friend who had heard a house on Carter's street had caught fire.

Carter arrived at a roadblock set up after firefighters had arrived and begun fighting the fire. Police at the roadblock verified that it was Carter's home at 25076 Wolcott Road, just southeast of Lansing, where Leavenworth County District 1 firefighters were fighting the blaze.

Fire Chief Rick Huhn said the fire began in a breaker box in the metal garage. It spread to the house, destroying the sunroom, living room and most of the kitchen. Huhn said the front of the house and the garage were totally engulfed in fire when he arrived.

He said the fire, which was reported by a neighbor at 8:01 p.m. Thursday, was contained in the house within 20 minutes, but the garage fire took an additional 40 minutes to extinguish.

Carter said that among the fire, smoke and water damage, the house was destroyed. He said some of the most irreplaceable items included photographs and a Victrola phonograph that was nearly 100 years old.

Despite the losses, Carter said it could have been worse.

"No one was home, no one was hurt," he said.

Carter said he also was glad none of the firefighters were hurt.

Carter and several dogs were the only residents of the home. The dogs were not hurt.

Friday, as he was surveying the damage, Carter said he was overwhelmed by the quick response of Lansing residents to his plight.

"I've had about 20 friends call already offering a room," he said. "This is a good town, I've got a lot of good friends."Monday, Carter said he was staying in a hotel for now and hoped to rebuild soon. He said his Thanksgiving plans of visiting his mother would not change.

Huhn estimated damage to the house and garage to be about $200,000. The last fire of the same magnitude in Lansing happened about year ago, Huhn said. The cause of that fire was also electrical malfunction.


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