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Thanks to a city with a vision

November 24, 2004

There are cities that exist in a status quo mode, and there are cities that aren't satisfied to let the world pass them by.

Fortunately, Lansing is one of the latter. It's clearly a city that chooses to proactively define its own future.

The first three editions of The Lansing Current featured a series of stories called "Lansing: The Place to Be."

A defining theme of the series was that Lansing officials see that the city is sitting in an envious position and want to seize the moment. Growth is a virtual certainty; the K-7 corridor will continue to boom spurred by development around the Kansas Speedway.

That development is triggering growth here, and this city's administration should be applauded for looking to the future, for taking action to define the city's growth through annexation, for setting high standards for commercial development and for taking steps to make the city an inviting place to locate.

Lansing also has visionaries like John Bennett who clearly think beyond the box. He envisions great possibilities for Lansing by taking advantage of its riverfront location and its proximity to Kansas City International Airport.

He sees the potential of riverfront development that could turn Lansing into an attractive tourist destination. It's not all likely; issues of costs are huge. But whatever does or doesn't happen, it's refreshing to be around people who think in terms of what could be.

This Thanksgiving, Lansing residents can be thankful they live in a community that is looking forward, that sees the need to manage growth and well serve its residents.

Seeing a city that has a strong sense of its future, we don't think it's any exaggeration to say that Lansing is indeed a good place to be.


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