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Bonner Springs Cemetery project

October 14, 2004

Crews from Shawnee Rock began a project last week that will increase the aesthetic appeal of the Bonner Springs Cemetery and help collect storm runoff.

City Clerk Rita Hoag said crews are building a pond at a low spot in the cemetery. The pond, which will serve as a detention facility, will collect water during a storm. It will hold water up to its capacity and then release it at a controlled level to reduce downstream flooding. Hoag said city staffers noticed the low spot and began looking into a solution. City officials approached Shawnee Rock, a company that has worked with the city before, and the company agreed to donate labor and materials for the project.

"When we approached them, they were more than willing to help out," Hoag said.

Thus, the city will accomplish two things with the project. The cemetery will get a face lift and storm water will be controlled. Shawnee Rock's donation of labor and materials sweetens the pot the even more.

"The cemetery advisory committee thought of it as an amenity and it will hold water because it is a pond," she said. "It will be a nice attraction."

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