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If approved, Amendment could have ripple effects

October 28, 2004

Next week, on Election Night, voters across the nation may want to pay close attention to a Colorado ballot question that, if approved, could reshape how electoral votes are distributed in that state and could possibly make state legislators nationwide reconsider how to distribute its electoral votes.

Amendment 36 proposes to divide electoral votes to candidates based on the percentage of votes received in the general election, instead of the traditional system where the winner of the popular vote receives all the electoral nods.

If approved by voters Nov. 2, Colorado's nine electoral votes will be awarded proportionally to each presidential candidate in the 2004 election.

Kansas is among the 48 states that give all its six electoral votes to the candidate that carries the state's popular vote. Political experts have said the Colorado question could have ripple effects nationwide. Since 2000, when Democratic candidate Al Gore lost the election despite receiving more votes than George W. Bush, the application of electoral votes has been surrounded by controversy. Twenty-nine states have proposed legislation that would scrap the current Electoral College system.

None of them have been passed into law.

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