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Alert police spoil plans for burglary

September 16, 2004

A Leavenworth County Sheriff's Department deputy and a Basehor police officer stopped what could have been a potential burglary when they arrested two ex-felons Saturday, Sept. 11. Officers said the men were acting suspiciously at a residence just west of Basehor.

Basehor police chief Terry Horner said deputy Bob Smith and Basehor officer Andrew Slaughter exemplified fine police work by questioning the two men -- a 44-year-old man and a 38-year-old man, both of whom were former inmates at Leavenworth federal prison -- and taking them into custody.

The officers learned that the two suspects were traveling in a stolen vehicle and that one of the men had an outstanding warrant for a drug charge. Upon learning of the warrant and the stolen vehicle, police arrested the two men and transported them to the Leavenworth County Jail.

One of the suspects told police officers he was released from prison a month ago, Horner said.

A nearby resident called police Saturday when the person noticed two men at the door of a home near 160th Street and Parallel Road. Slaughter was called to the scene and asked for identification from the suspects. It was revealed later the two men were ex-convicts.

The suspects told police they were at the home to solicit the homeowners for gasoline money.

Horner said the two officers probably prevented the home from being burglarized.

"It was determined that it was most likely a burglary that was going to take place," he said.

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