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Firm hired to study sewer plant

April 7, 2005

The Basehor City Council hired an engineering firm Monday night to begin studying the most cost effective way to expand the city's wastewater treatment facility, an expandable plant built in 2001.

Representatives from Professional Engineering Consultants, a design firm with offices in Lawrence, Wichita and Topeka, met with City Council members during a special meeting Monday, April 4. The council hired the firm for $2,500 to study the treatment plant and make a recommendation for expansion.

There is no exact timeline for when engineers will make a recommendation to the Council.

City officials are exploring an expansion project for the treatment facility that would alter the treatment plant from its current first-phase capacity of treating 535,000 gallons per day to its fourth-phase capacity of 2.2 million gallons per day.

If expanded to its fourth-phase capacity, the treatment plant could serve a population as high as 20,000.

In March, city superintendent Gene Myracle told City Council members that only 75 to 100 new connections to the treatment plant separated it from reaching its peak capacity.

Myracle also said that it could be cheaper to alter original expansion designs. The original designs call for expansion of the project to be completed gradually, in three more phases. All told, the expansion would require the construction of three more aeration basins, two more clarifiers and another sludge basin, Myracle said.

The city could save money by building one large aeration basin. By skipping a phase-by-phase expansion, the city would avoid needing some equipment called for in original designs.

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