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Projects, events keep city active

April 7, 2005

Since being on the Lansing City Council the past four and a half years, I have seen many programs and projects take very productive avenues. In my opinion, the council is in a very proactive mode. Many accomplishments speak for themselves.

The expansion of the Waste Water Treatment Plant was needed to cover future growth. Some may roll their eyes when someone says future growth, but friends, it is happening by leaps and bounds. I participated in the development committee that visited a number of plants to see what was best suited for Lansing. When one talks about $16 million, it does make you kind of flinch. Although put into perspective: City's needs now, plus growth, plus many state-mandated additions with no financial help, city staff with a very fiscal attitude about dollars and cents and a very frugal mayor and council, the citizens of Lansing should be proud of their finished product.

May 8 we will be celebrating our third-annual Fishing Derby at Lost 80 Park. It's a great idea that came out of our Parks and Recreation Volunteer Board. Tina Orth has hit the water with both oars spinning, making it better each year.

Lansing DAZE, the second weekend in June, has become a very fun-filled weekend for all ages with carnival rides, fireworks, live bands, car shows, crafts, eats and even the notorious dunk tank (speaking from experience). City staff along with Shanae Randolph and Lorraine Gluch have done a wonderful job. Although last year's fun was cut short due to weather, let's hope that Mother Nature will be on our side this year. All of the time and energy that was put into setting up for Lansing DAZE last year, city staff and many Lansing DAZE volunteers hung in there for more than a week afterwards in helping many citizens clean up after the terrible wind and rain that hit the city of Lansing for the weekend. Let's hope that Jamie and his crew won't have to wear raincoats. Come on, fireworks!

Lansing's Spooky Center is another Parks and Rec great idea. Jason Crum and Christina Sanderson, along with many great volunteers, are going to make this another great program this year.

Representing Ward 1, a need was there to help the older residents. There were more than two years of talks at city meetings and study sessions about what the city could do to help older residential areas. Much-needed assistance and repair improvements were discussed to many argumentative stages.

Since then, city staff has put in many hours trying to find the appropriate help for these areas, but to no avail. The assistance programs that were out there would only scratch the surface of what was needed.

The staff then got busy and, in conjunction with the City Council, found and applied for the Community Development Block Grants, which are being put to good use.

In my last newspaper article, I stated that it may not seem like Towne Center is gaining, but it its. Mayor Bernard, along with the Public Works staff, have brought to the table the future site of the MidAmerican Bank into Towne Center. Details and final plans are still in the works. Pete Payne of MidAmerican Bank wants to break ground this spring and try to be open, weather permitting, in fall of 2005.

Actions are under way to gain control of the property in Towne Center and then work with another developer who is ready to bring business into the property. The corner of Mary and Main, which is owned by the city, is also ready for development. The city has a number of interested parties waiting for the development of other Towne Center properties.

Government wheels turn slowly, but they do turn. The city of Lansing has had a number of volunteers, along with its great work force and departments. Staff has helped the city of Lansing accomplish its many goals.

I have attained many rewarding experiences with the opportunity to serve the city of Lansing in a volunteer status and on the Lansing City Council. The mayor has said many times work crews from Lansing Correctional Facility are our best-kept secret, supplying manpower for our Parks and Rec to Public Works.

As I have said before, together, we'll keep our Lansing the community we all grew up in, live in and will spend our lives in; a community with basic values and good, salt-of-the-earth people. Coming form a working-class family and neighborhood, I will always push for better city employee benefits and equipment and many other things in the thinking and planning stages, just as I have done in the past. Don't forget where you came from. I assure you I won't!

God Bless Our Troops.

- David Trinkle Jr. is a council member from Ward 1


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