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Official canvass of votes produces no change in outcomes of races

April 14, 2005

There were no changes in the final outcomes in Tuesday's election results after Friday's canvass of votes by the Leavenworth County Commission.

The commission, meeting as the Board of Canvassers, certified results from Tuesday's elections, which included city and school board positions across the county, plus the Lansing school bond referendum, the countywide sales tax question and the Kansas same-sex marriage constitutional amendment.

Contested ballots and provisional ballots added to some of the vote totals, though they did not affect the final in any of Tuesday's races.

In Lansing, Kenneth Bernard picked up eight more votes and Harland Russell picked up nine new votes in the mayoral race, won by Bernard. The final tally was 1,245-1,099.

Lansing School Board candidates also picked up additional votes in Friday's canvass.

Beth Stevenson, the top vote recipient, saw her total increase by seven votes. Gary Courtney and Rob Nicholas, who finished second and third and won seats on the board, each picked up an additional nine votes. Stuart Lyon and Mike Nielsen, who failed to win election, saw their totals increase by three votes and one vote, respectively.

The final tally for school board was Stevenson, 1,739; Courtney, 1,346; Nicholas, 1,346; Lyon, 1,130; and Nielsen, 811.

The Board of Canvassers allowed an additional 21 votes in the Lansing school bond referendum, 15 of them favoring the bond, six opposing it. The final outcome of the question was 1,727 in favor, 1,382 opposed.

On the countywide sales tax question, an additional 80 votes were counted, 53 in favor of the tax and 27 opposed. The sales tax was approved, 8,724-4,632.

And 82 votes were added to the question regarding the Kansas constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriages, 58 in favor, 24 against. The final countywide outcome on it was 9,924 in favor of the amendment, 3,581 opposed.


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