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Crazy teens

April 14, 2005

To the editor:

Have you ever wondered what those crazy teenagers are up to on Saturday nights?

Well, my husband and I had the opportunity to witness 100+ Lansing High students and faculty in action this past Saturday. They had gathered for an all-night fund-raiser to benefit the Leukemia Society in the Ryan Sports Complex at the University of Saint Mary.

These were students from all high school grade levels and walks of life, gathered for two common causes, raising nearly $6,000 while running laps, playing basketball, watching movies and, of course, eating pizza, donuts and whatever junk food they could find. There were no discipline problems all night.

It was a well-organized event, sponsored by the Lansing High School Leadership Council and supported by a "team" of sponsors and teachers who clearly cared about these kids and their cause.

The lap competition was started by 6-year-old SaraJo Schwinn, a leukemia survivor and daughter of high school science teacher Mrs. Helen Schwinn. SaraJo was a poignant reminder of the reason they were there.

We feel fortunate to have witnessed these great kids and faculty in action.

Last week the voters of Lansing voted for our kids. This week it was as if our kids were reaffirming that they are our bright hopes for the future and the reason we must support them as a community. Well done, Lansing High!

Tera Cameron



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